Susie Nelson-Smith Founder of the Crystal Sound and Light Institute
“Dancing with the Elements, Moving with Sound”
7 days in BALI. Sue and I travel to Bali on 20th February to find the perfect venue for our 7-days/6 nights, 5 rhythms dance and crystal bowl meditation experience in the divine natural energy of Bali More information coming soon.
I am just back from an incredible adventure in the mystical heart of England
Teaching Crystal Sound Therapy in one of the great spiritual centres of the world was a wonderful experience and a fifteen night adventure into the soul, both mine, my students and the soul of ancient Albion.
Read about our amazing journey here
My life's work is about ‘heart and mind’ connection and activation
Playing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, teaching how to work with them in the world with sensitivity is a passion and a calling of mine. Connecting the heart and mind, activating the highest octave within is the path I chose for myself and for all those who chose to join me, in my “Path of the Heart” courses, events, workshops and activities.
This year is my year of THE BOOK. I am currently writing a book on Crystal Sound Therapy with crystal singing bowls. Last year I interviewed many of my peers and luminaries, talked to students and graduates to inspire me and strengthen my resolve to tell the stories, to share the uplifting and transforming affects of working consciously with crystal singing bowls. My plan is to finish and have it available to you by the end of the year.
My 1st book
One Heart Affirmations
I’ve been deeply moved by the way my first book – “One Heart Affirmations” – has been received. Thank you for your emails, messages, phone calls and sms, letting me know what the book has meant to you. I appreciate hearing from you so very much.The book has been 15 years in the making and I'm so thrilled to see it come to fruition. “One Heart Affirmations” is a compilation of 52 affirmations to help lift you up in your daily life. These have been beautifully and evocatively illustrated with photographs from Julia Christie and Leigh Birkett.
One Heart Affirmations is on sale here for AUD$25
Free shipping in Australia. Special discount with CD for international purchases.
Special Offer
Book and CD offer
Purchase “One Heart Affirmations” book together with any one of my CDs for $35 with free shipping within Australia

Notice to Distributors: If you have healing rooms, a Yoga centre or gift store and would like to sell the book, please contact me. Special prices for multiple purchases are available.
Upcoming events in 2020/21
I have a very exciting year planned in 2019. Here are some of the highlights.
Global Crystal Bowl Collective
9th February 2020 at 6.33pm in Sydney
Global Crystal Bowl Collective
February 9, 2020
February 9, 2020
“Dancing with the Elements, Moving with Sound”
April, 2021
“Dancing with the Elements, Moving with Sound”
Angels of the Whispering Stream weekend workshop
Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, Leura. 30th October to 1st November 2020
Angels of the Whispering Stream weekend workshop
Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, Leura. 30th October to 1st November 2020
October 30, 2020
November 1, 2020
Online Courses coming soon
I am currently developing a series of online courses in a variety of specialist areas
for you to stream and enjoy as a personal learning experience . . . check back soon!
Other news
Sally of the Leaves
In January I began work on the illustrations for two spiritual fables that I hope to have published this year.
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Sacred Soundings 2019
Sacred music experiences in nature is our quest – Alaska, Easter Island and Iceland are possibilities.
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Blissful silence
In 2019, I intend to turn off all my digital devices and have periods of silence for quiet reflection.
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CST book has begun
I received the message to write the book that’s been bubbling away inside for 10 years . . . I have begun
Read more
Professional accredited courses in Crystal Sound Therapy
and Crystal Healing
International courses,
retreats, workshops
and events
The Crystal Sound and Light Institute is my vehicle for sharing my understanding of the power of Sacred Sound and Crystal Energy.
CST class of 2016, Forgotten Valley, St Albans, NSW, Australia (click to enlarge)
CST class of 2018, Domenica, Costa Rica (Click to enlarge)
I provide easy access to everything you will need to explore the exquisite world of crystal singing bowls, their pure vibrational tones and the wonder of the mineral kingdom.
The institute is a one-stop shop for those interested in learning to work with the sacred sounds of the crystal singing bowls as a healing modality and the powerful insights and healing from crystals and gems. It provides:
The most comprehensive teaching environment available anywhere in the world.
A store to supply everything you will need to start and continue your journey of understanding with this pervasive and powerful energy.
The pathways to understanding
I have created two ways for you to explore the world of sacred sound, crystals and crystal healing.
In all of my courses you will find an atmosphere of trust and love. I honour what you bring with you and I help facilitate you moving forward onto the next octave and deeper connection to your inner knowing and authenticity.
Looking towards the light. Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Click to enlarge)
The Crystal Sound and Light pathway
"path of the heart"
For those with the drive to delve deeply into this complex and deeply transformational discipline, I have created the most detailed and comprehensive International Crystal Sound Therapy course available. There are two levels – the 1st is the Certificate IV and the 2nd the Diploma. The Certificate IV is for those who wish to work as a professional Crystal Sound Therapist with crystal singing bowls or to personally obtain this level of skill and knowledge.
The Diploma is for those who wish to extend their knowledge and skill into the realm of innovation, creativity and an even higher professional level of expertise. I teach the training and study program regularly in locations in Australia and around the world. As a result of undertaking this process, many students have created successful businesses based on the model taught here, and others have found the personal and spiritual transformation an end in itself.
Workshops and events
The second approach allows a more casual exploration through workshops and events.
The workshops are participatory and always fun. I regularly stage events where you are welcome to come along and soak up the energy, learn some fundamentals, experience shifts and changes and enjoy deep and peaceful meditations.
Very soon I will have online courses available for streaming. Currently on the drawing board are stand alone courses in Crystal Healing using crystals and gems and in Crystal Sound with crystal singing bowls.
For more details
Contact Susie on 0412 348 463 and book a workshop.
Upcoming Workshops and events
What past students have said about our workshops
" I got so much out of the retreat, it felt like an opportunity to receive, receive, receive... I was able to really connect with a deeper part of myself and remember who I am and what really makes me come alive with passion & purpose, in particular, working with the elementals, the tree beings . . . as well as the magical crystals. I had such a lovely & memorable time with you all. Thank you."
Emma Lees, Mullumbimby
"What an amazing teacher, Susie’s knowledge of sound and crystals says it all. I enjoyed all the activities and meditations, especially the ones in Nature. Susie spent all her time focused on our group, with love and wisdom, her teachings are invaluable, and her knowledge of sound, crystals and spirituality was enlightening. I would definitely recommend this workshop, I found it healing and wonderful, and can’t wait for another one. Thank you and blessings to a wonderful soul. The cost is nothing compared to what we got out of the weekend, with love Chris."
Chris Elliott, Mosman
I have spent years developing my teaching methods and at the same time, I have been gathering all the tools that you will need to practice Crystal Sound Therapy. I have the most comprehensive range of crystals, crystal singing bowls and accessories in one spot. I hope you find this collection useful in your development.
During this time, I have developed a wonderful, trusting relationship with Crystal Tones of Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA. They are the preeminent makers of Crystal Singing Bowls in the world. Find out more by clicking the Crystal Tones logo below
Check out my current stock here along with a host of products to assist you with your work and enjoyment:
I have recently received a shipment of bowls from Crystal Tones. These bowls are made with some very exciting and rare materials and all produce sublime tones, as you would expect.
I have gathered a comprehensive range of rare and exotic crystals, each with their own unique energies. You will also find the tools and accessories for playing your crystal singing bowls here.
eCommerce Policy
Susie Nelson-Smith and the Crystal Sound and Light Institute are committed to providing a quality and secure online experience. This website (  provides eCommerce facilities that allow you to purchase product merchandise and enrol in courses and events. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD $). The cost of products are displayed before checkout.
Shipping and Tax
All product merchandise prices include postage (within Australia) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). For international orders, please make an enquiry before ordering by emailing Product merchandise is usually shipped within 5 business days. Shipping times are estimated between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on your location and the amount of merchandise purchased.
For product merchandise, Susie Nelson-Smith and the Crystal Sound and Light Institute will refund the total amount paid for faulty or damaged goods. The shipping costs in returning goods are at the customer’s own expense. Susie Nelson-Smith and the Crystal Sound and Light Institute does not refund product merchandise unless the goods are faulty or damaged. For course payments, the payment for and use of these services are covered in our regulations.
Confirmation Receipts
After successfully purchasing product merchandise, or paying for a course or event, you will be emailed a receipt of payment. Please keep this receipt. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us by emailing
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Music and performance
For 20 years I have been playing and working with crystal singing bowls. I am celebrating this milestone from now until November 2019 with surprise sales, pop up exhibitions and very special inclusions.
Performing music for me has both a spiritual and therapeutic reward, aside from the pure, concentrated, immediate pleasure of performing for both me and the audience. I have performed in many places around the world inside and out and under many different circumstances.

During this time, I have also recorded four CDs of my music with the principle aim to spread the therapeutic and soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls to a wider audience. I have even experimented with online streaming of performance and ringtones.
Performing at the Basement Sydney 2016
Peace Angels, Hyde Park Sydney 2011
International CST Course
My music for sale
I have created four CDs to date, designed to bring the harmonising, balancing sonic energy of Crystal Sound to your home.
Listen to samples of each one here.
Crystal Alchemy CD
Susie's latest CD - The deep pulsing vibrations of drums and tinkling bells and cymbals merged magnificently with the celestial sounds of crystal singing bowls to create a deeply resonating sound healing journey. It was my heart’s delight to collaborate with my brother Master Percussionist David Jones, a beloved kindred spirit.
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Opening the heart to JOY
The powerful sound waves emitted by the quartz crystal produce overtones that have resonant and healing properties unlike anything else you have ever heard or felt. The journey can be experienced again and again each time taking you deeper, expanding your consciousness and connecting you with all things everywhere in a resonance of JOY and love.
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Opening the heart to LOVE
The beautiful sounds of 18 frosted, clear and rose quartz crystal singing bowls create a soundscape that powerfully transforms feelings and memories of separation and sadness to feelings of unity and happiness. In this state of harmony we can more easily remember our connection to Spirit and actively embrace Love in all its aspects.
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Opening the heart to COMPASSION
The harmonic tones of the crystal bowls take you on an inner journey to the place you call peace. The sacred sounds bring you into a state of harmony and balance where your mind and body can experience stillness.
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Thoughts and insights
Aside from my “path of the heart” role as one who disseminates the knowledge of crystal sound therapy and crystal healing, I have many other activities that I am passionate about.
There are other stories and experiences in my life that have afforded me the opportunity for reflection, insight and some wonderful adventures.
I am just back from an incredible adventure in the mystical heart of England
Teaching Crystal Sound Therapy in one of the great spiritual centres of the world was a wonderful experience and a fifteen night adventure into the soul, both mine, my students and the soul of ancient Albion.
Read about our amazing journey here
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