Breathe in love...
Breathe out peace...
Love and peace to everyone.
Hello dear community.
Global Crystal Bowl Collective
“I hear the clarion call to action
And I am willing to answer and do my part.
The world is changing and I choose to be
Part of the shift to conscious awareness.
Lead me on Great One,show me the way
As I let go and surrender to the more
Refined part of myself,
I am contributing
To the greater good of all.”
'One Heart Affirmations', 2018
We hear the CLARION CALL to ACTION and we ask you to dedicate your playing towards a soundwave of healing energy around the world, as ONE united community.   Humanity is in need and those of us with Crystal Singing Bowls can make a positive difference to our global family by playing our crystal bowls every day with a Vision of LOVE and PEACE. You are invited to play in love and community for the healing and comfort of every person on earth and especially those most vulnerable, afraid and alone.  Play your crystal singing bowls wherever you are and contribute to a continuous wave of LOVE and PEACE around the world.
The Commitment
The commitment is to play every day at whatever time works for you for the length of time that feels right and visualise, feel or experience LOVE and PEACE as you practise this simple powerful breathing technique: With each in-breath, breathe in LOVE, Pause . . . With each out-breath, breathe out PEACE, Pause . . . Please share with your friends and family and ask everyone you know to play their crystal singing bowls with the in-breath of LOVE and the out-breath of PEACE and in this way the soundwave will strengthen and become a continuous energetic flow around the world. Many sound musicians have initiated beautiful musical contributions at this time. The playing of crystal singing bowls every day will enhance all other musical contributions because one of their amazing properties is that they MAGNIFY and AMPLIFY.
We ask you to please include the LOVE and PEACE Vision in all other offerings and practices you may be part of. There is a power and a strength that comes from working as a Global Crystal Bowl Collective and we would be so grateful for your strength, focus and commitment to this global contribution.
Sharing our Vibration
We are creating an Event on Facebook in the Global Crystal Bowl Collective Facebook group. We invite you to send a video or audio for just one minute, 60 seconds and join our group, upload your video whenever you wish.
It could be once or twice a week. We begin on the Full Moon Wednesday APRIL 8 and will continue until 2 days after WESAK which is Buddha’s birthday Friday MAY 7 (EST). A very powerful potent time on the planet and one that infuses our world with compassion and love. Perfect for our focus. The potency continues all year however the peak is felt 2 days before and 2 days after May 7 (EST). We will conclude on MAY 9, 2020. Mignon is happy to assist if you have trouble accessing or posting to the Facebook group. Mignon’s email:
Other Instruments
During our last Global Crystal Bowl Collective musicians asked if they could contribute by playing Tibetan bowls, gongs, singing and using voice and other acoustic instruments and of course, we said yes, please join in. Our focus is on applying the pure tone of crystal singing bowls to this project because of their pure vibrational resonance, however keeping your mind strong and focussed on the Vision of LOVE and PEACE will be a magnificent contribution while accompanied by your instruments of preference.
The pandemic has spread across the world and created fear, desperation and a sense of hopelessness within the hearts and minds of so many. Play your crystal singing bowls every day for as long as you feel is right for you. It does not matter what time of day or night. With sound musicians playing all around the world with the in-breath of LOVE and the out-breath of PEACE, we will create a continuous soundwave that will fill the empty spaces within every person with love and peace . . .
"There is no boundary to LOVE.
It fills the void and empty spaces within.
May all the places of loneliness and isolation.
Of sadness and spiritual fatigue
Be filled with LOVE.
I breathe it in.
I feel it coming through every pore of my skin
Realigning and balancing me
‘One Heart Affirmations’, 2018
We are living in extraordinary times and during these last few months it has become clear that our world is changing and changing forever.
Many of us have longed for change, however it has been a surprise - a shock - in the way it is unfolding. Rather than feeling like grains of sand on the seashore being blown about willy nilly by the wind, let us take control of what we can. The current structures in societies around the world are breaking down and changing as our governments do what they feel is right in this moment in time. Let us do what we can to assist by co-creating a majestic wave of deep love and peace to continuously bathe the world in a soothing sonic soundwave . . . And “IMAGINE all the people living life in Peace.”
When our world settles into relative calm again, how will it look? What are the changes we want to see in the world? Many feel this is an opportunity for the big shift into a higher octave where we have greater unity, kindness, love and peace between individuals, families, communities, societies and countries. Let’s make it so and create a strong energetic foundation to support a NEW ORDER in our world.
How will it work?
The pure vibration of the crystal singing bowls combined with the intention of the practitioner has a profound effect on our physical bodies and our energy fields as well as animals, plants, nature and the environment. The wholistic effect of the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls can transform the world one rotation, one breath and one beautiful sound at a time.  
Why it works
In technical terms, quartz is piezoelectric, meaning it can transform energy from one form to another.It is the ability of quartz crystal to respond to consciousness as well as to heat, light, sound and pressure, that will serve our Vision of bringing more love and peace to the world and its people.
As Marcel Vogel concluded, “the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.” (Gaynor, 1999:115) Many, many thanks for your willingness to be a part of the Global Crystal Bowl Collective initiative. You are the most important part of creating the continuous soundwave of LOVE and PEACE for our planet.
Thank you.
Love and peace Susie, Mignon and Carmen
Susie Nelson-Smith, Crystal Sound and Light Institute
Mignon Lee-Warden, Mignon Mukti
Carmen Warrington, Calm and Creative
I am contributing To the greater good of all.”
© 2021 Susie Nelson-Smith. all rights reserved.