Creating a New Path

I have reached a new phase in my life and I’m forging a new path forward. For the past few years I had been caring for my Mum more regularly. 18 months ago I decided to move in with my Mother to care for her full-time while continuing to teach and organize international events. During this very special and tender time, Mum and I talked about my future and both of us knew travel would feature strongly.

It’s now been 3 months since my darling Mum passed to the heavenly fields. While I’m in the process of completing Mum’s affairs, shaping and developing my new path has eased the sadness of saying goodbye.  How my new life will look has created lively conversations within my circle of family, friends and work colleagues.

A beginning . . . I’m off to Bali in September to work, back home for a couple of months

to pack up 2 houses and then I’ll be heading back to Bali to live a simple life for a few months.

I have had a deep and rich relationship with Bali. I first visited back in the early 80’s and have been back numerous times. At the end of my rest and recuperation, I’ll be teaching a 7 day workshop “Sacred Soundings in Nature” with crystal singing bowls and my most FABulous friend and colleague, Dr Carol Birrell.  Together we have created a deeply transforming creative workshop to present to you in the gorgeous luscious natural environment of Bali. Please look out for all the details coming very soon on Facebook and my website.

My love for the healing sounds of crystal bowls, of creating wider and inclusive community, sharing knowledge and transforming experiences of Sound and Crystal Therapy underpins all of my work in the world. I know that whatever new horizons I find and exciting places I visit my beautiful and much loved companion of the last few years will always be with me, loving me and advocating for my happiness. Your heart is part of my heart Mum.

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