Dancing in the desert

Dancing makes me happy. . .

I wanted to be a tap dancer when I was little . . . dance has always been a huge love of mine and when my friend of 38 years asked if I wanted to dance in the desert of Morocco . . . I was immediately excited by the idea . . . a truly memorable way to celebrate our long friendship.

There we were on the edge of the Sahara Desert, 30 people from 15 different countries all wanting to experience 5Rhythms dancing in the sand.

So different from being in the sand at Cronulla beach when I was growing up or at Bronte beach when I was grown up.

In the Sahara where we were, the sand is pure and clean and doesn’t cling to clothes so rolling around in the sand was definitely part of our improvisation.

Dancing blind-fold is a safe option when soft sand surrounds you. Having a minder follow at a safe distance allowed each of us to feel safe in climbing dunes and confident we could roll down embankments and somersault over sand mounds.

The feeling I had doing this particular dance exercise was something I’ll never forget.

What does freedom feel like . . .

dancing in the desert!

With a soft djembe percussing in the background, guitar playing gently on the breeze, words came effortlessly and so I sang . . .

My heart is a wave
Flowing endlessly with love
Take me to the edge
Let me fall

And so I did again and again, enjoying the endless fascination I was developing with sand. It was a brand new relationship and one I’ll never forget.

© 2021 Susie Nelson-Smith. all rights reserved.