I have been providing accredited courses in Crystal Sound Therapy for more than 15 years and Crystal Healing for 24
This is what some of our students are saying about the 12 month CRYSTAL SOUND THERAPY accredited course . . .
“It was a truly amazing healing transformation for me. An excellent opportunity to gain a knowledge of crystal bowls and build the relationship with the bowls. The learning journey has given me so much insight. Together as a group, we learned from each other - the care and love we gathered in these 2 weeks. Through this training I recognised the purpose of my life. How to serve myself and others. Appreciation of the Universal Being, to bring us vitality in life. Thank you, Susie - her devotion to Crystal Bowls and Sound, in addition her spiritual knowledge and teaching to shine the world with the Crystal Bowls to whoever needs it. May our learning Journey be full of Light.”
Sandy Lam Ka Wai, Hong Kong
“I heard about the program very last minute and was thrown into it never even played a crystal bowl before. Something in me knew that I had to do this course. It’s aptly named “path of the heart”. I followed my heart and am overwhelmed with the richness it has brought to my life. It’s much more than a study program – it’s really a life program. I have met some truly inspirational women and made beautiful friendships. Susie is the most beautiful, kind, caring and nurturing teacher/friend!”
Olivia Rose Penner-Wilson, Sydney, Australia
“What an AMAZING 2 weeks in COSTA RICA. The course was just divine, so much information, but when delivered, shown, and then practiced it became clear and easy.I can honestly say, I have never had such a profound healing as when I was a client in a practice session! I can’t wait to become proficient at this modality. Sound has been in my practices (Reiki and Heart Resonance and Tantra) for only a short while but blends seamlessly and enhances everything. I LOVE THIS COURSE!”
Paul Cockram, Brisbane, Australia
“I have just spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica at a retreat with crystal bowls and will be completing the 12 month professional study program on Crystal Sound Therapy. I cannot recommend Susie highly enough for presenting an amazing course with great content and information. It has been such a privilege and blessing to spend these 2 weeks with such beautiful kindred spirits that are now life long friends. I look with such anticipation to get home and start this amazing journey as a Crystal Sound practitioner and to share the knowledge and the sounds with my family, friends and clients. I am so very grateful Susie, thank you.”
Anastasia Giovanoglou, Sydney, Australia
“Susie's generous and gracious approach to life shines through everything she does. The course was a delight - joyful, transformative, thorough in scope and deeply spiritual all at the same time. What a wonderful gift! I am so excited to follow and share this crystal sound vibrational journey.”
Toni Whitmont, Sydney, Australia
I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to take the course when I enrolled. I am quite shy and introvert and always have difficulties to mix with new group especially in a group. And the course fee was quiet expensive for me. Perhaps I should have taken the course in Sydney? Now I'm very confident to say that it was a bloody good idea! I had such an amazing time in this course! I've learnt a lot about Crystal Sound Therapy as well as about Cambodia. We had a wonderful dynamics of people and it was very stimulating. All the studies and the practices made me understand others more and connect each other, although I have experienced a bit tough time at the beginning. We also had great excursions to bond us even tighter. We've formed a lovely group staying in touch to support our study and our life. I'd like to say a millions of thank you to you Susie not just for your wonderful teaching and support, but also for giving me this unforgettable precious experience!
Tomoko Yano, Sydney, Australia
"This training program went beyond my expectations, and was truly transformative. I gained a thorough knowledge about crystal bowls and their use in sacred sound healing. I enjoyed the variety of teaching modalities including the hands-on experiential exercises. My new understanding of sound will considerably expand my private practice into a whole new direction. Susie and Amrita were wonderful, insightful, loving and knowledgeable teachers."
John Thatcher, California, USA
“The CST training course is a rich and beautiful experience. I appreciated the depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience Susie offered us so gracefully and warmly. Being such a ‘new’ field, her work putting this certificate course together is pioneering and a huge achievement. It has given me everything I dreamed of to help me work with sound and crystals professionally.”
Suzy Flowers, Sydney, Australia"
Susie's Crystal Sound Therapy course delivered more than I could have ever expected. I was recommended to the course by three complete strangers and took it as destiny that this would change my life. And change it did. The CST course expanded my awareness on the relationship of sound, crystal energy, and the human body's energetic system and their interaction. Through the Course, sound and energy started to play a more significant part of my consciousness, allowing me to integrate what I had learnt and experienced into my daily routine. The Course was intimate, and Susie's style of teaching is very personalised and experiential. I may have graduated from my Course, but I feel my education, experiences, friendships that were formed with the other students and Susie will remain fondly with me through my life. The CST Course has opened up many doors and presented me with infinite opportunities to share the beauty of the crystal bowls through one-on-one sessions with clients, concerts, and crystal sound meditation groups. Thank you, Susie, for sharing your knowledge, time and enduring commitment. I would most definitely recommend this course to any one that is committed to their own spiritual development."
 Jean-Marc Maissin, Sydney, Australia
“The CST training course is a wonderful opportunity to study in depth working with crystal singing bowls. This is a course for anyone who has a passion for the singing bowls and who visualises working with them in their life. This course also deepens the relationship of oneself, as in working and forming close relationship with your bowls, things can come up. Having just completed the 2 weeks course, I now feel confident that I can start giving sessions both personal and clear home and work spaces. I know, in time and practise this will blossom and unfold into a fulfilling work for me.”
Cynthia Kendall, Sydney, Australia and Tulum, Mexico
“This course gave me a new life view—the marvelous idea of manifesting Spirit and Light with sound, intention and practice. Amrita and Susie are master weavers of ritual space, science and spirit. I have a new pathway to my bliss through my luminous work.”
Katie Lutz, California, USA
“I have gotten so much out of Susie’s course. Not only is she angelic, her grace flows through every bit of the course. It gives one permission to grow, to stretch and believe in the infinite possibilities in the universe. I walk away with the support of all 11 women who participated. All my Sound Sisters. This course is a true blessing.”
Linda Chambers,Montana, USA
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