What is it about Crystals?
The power of crystal
When I first heard of quartz crystal made into a bowl that could be played as a musical instrument, I felt I could explode with excitement. I had been working with the mineral kingdom for a number of years, teaching Crystal Therapy with crystals and gems and I knew first hand the transforming effects of working consciously with this stable medium of energy. Quartz provides great stability of structure and regularity of flow of any electromagnetic energies that move through it.
In other words, it maintains a precise frequency standard and is the reason why working with conscious thought and crystals create transformational effects in all energy fields - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Its stability and accuracy are why billions of quartz crystals are used to make oscillators for watches, clocks, radios, televisions, electronic games, computers, cell phones, electronic meters, and GPS equipment.  Hearing that quartz crystals were being created as a musical instrument that could be played for transformation was the beginning of a life-long love affair that grows stronger with time as I witness and experience personally and with others, their life-changing effects on the body and soul.
Crystal singing bowls
The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls have been likened to experiencing an internal massage. Over my 20-year career of playing the bowls in private consultations, concert performances and in courses and workshops the overwhelming effect of the sounds of the crystal singing bowls has been deep relaxation and peace. Assisting people to find the peaceful place within where it is quiet, allows the body, the mind, and the emotions to recalibrate and restore equanimity. Connecting with our Soul, our Spirit becomes possible when we are balanced and aligned within.
Some of the remarkable transformations have included a client’s clavicle shifting gently back into place after 2 years of pain from whiplash to another regaining peripheral vision so she could drive again. A client with muscular neuropathy felt so inspired by feeling sensations in his hands and feet after 10 years of numbness, it set him on a path of hope that improved his life. He learned reiki for self-healing and joined a gym. When I saw him 2 years later, he no longer used callipers on his legs. The emotional release and physical comfort, intellectual insight and spiritual awakening are regular occurrences when working with these remarkable sonic tools for transformation.
How does this occur
It is natural for us to want to be in harmony. As Mitchel L. Gaynor, M.D. says in his excellent book, Sounds of Healing, “All of creation – atoms, planetary orbits, herds of animals, every aspect of human physiology tend toward harmony”. German physiologist Gunter Hildebrandt said, “The human organism is not only constructed according to harmonic principles, but also functions within them.”
We cut our finger and immediately the body starts the self-healing process and homeostasis begins which is the tendency to maintain a stable, relatively constant internal environment. We hear the crystal bowls and we entrain with the purity of the sound. We respond and absorb the sound through our ears and through our bodies because our bodies are very crystalline in nature – our blood, skeletal and endocrine systems for example.
Quartz crystal is the foundation of classic frosted, alchemy and clear crystal bowls. Alchemy bowls have an additional “alchemy” added such as gemstone, sacred earth, precious metals or rare earths into the creation process. They are the next evolutionary step in the crystal singing bowl creation. Crystal bowls vibrate at frequencies that produce powerful sound waves, and these sounds are the energetic manifestation of the crystalline structure of the bowls themselves. Listening, hearing receiving and absorbing the sounds of the crystal bowls is a full body experience. We hear not only through our ears but our entire body.
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