Susie Nelson-Smith is the Founder of the Crystal Sound and Light Institute, and is an accomplished publisher, author, musician and educator in the sound therapy field. Globally, Susie is renowned for the creation and delivery of her accredited Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) with crystal singing bowl training course and her accredited Crystal Vibrational Therapy (CVT) with crystals and gems course. Susie is a highly respected Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) practitioner.

After completing studies in english literature, history and politics as well as postgraduate communications management degree, Susie found her passion for crystal therapy and sound therapy. She has taught these professional courses extensively in Australia, Italy, USA and the United Kingdom.

Over a six year period Susie fined tuned the professional training programs of CST and CVT and they were accredited with the International Energetic Training Association in 2004.

Her internationally revered programs have now been taught for the past 20 years around the world.

The Crystal Sound & Light Institute provides training and study programs, healing performances, resources for practitioners, and research focusing on the use of singing crystal bowls and the voice, crystals and gems and energy healing.

As a music publisher and author, Susie now has four CDs including her latest called Crystal Alchemy featuring special guest musician, Master Percussionist David Jones. Her book One Heart Affirmations was inspired by her work from over 20 years.

Susie’s individual client work creates an experience of deep transformation with love and respect using healing tools including Alchemy crystal singing bowls, essential oils, colour, crystals, gems, Reiki and guided meditations.

Susie loves life and all of its mysteries, sharing her passion for sound, crystals and transformation by teaching and guiding people to activate their own inner wisdom, which brings her great joy and fulfilment.