Sacred Soundings in Nature . . . ‘Nurturing Spirit’
Bermagui retreat
December 6 – 8
(Friday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime)
‘Nurturing Spirit’ Retreat, December 2019
as part of Sacred Soundings in Nature
The Calling – following your “Path of the Heart”
As the year comes to an end, we all need special nurturing. We have built our nest and are now lining it with the softest of pure feathers. Susie and Carol, founders of Sacred Soundings in Nature, invite you to come with us on a memorable and profoundly spiritual 3 day retreat called Nurturing Spirit on the far south coast of NSW
What does this mean?
Nurturing Spirit has 2 aspects, one is the nurturing of our own individual Spirit, the other is nurturing the wider world of Spirit of which our spirit is part. Both parts need nurturing since they are really One. We are immersed in a world of Spirit, a world of profound meaning and intelligences. Let us consciously nurture our own personal Spirit, that of each other and that of this sacred place at Bermagui. We do this through sound and light and healing ceremonies, we do it through song and playing together our crystal bowl tones as one.
The Aboriginal mountain of the Yuin people, Gulaga, and her 2 sons, one a whale out in the ocean, create a nest for us where the nurturing energy is palpable. We can sink into her embrace by sitting at the feet of the mountain, playing crystal bowls to nurture her love and generosity, and receive what she offers to us at this time… Her bag of waters flows over our bodies, her umbilical cord of white quartz re-connects us all back to Mother Mountain and to Mother Earth herself. She is creativity, a Birthing Mountain, the generative force we ask to attune to for Nurturing Spirit.
There are other Spirit presences in the form of rock that will give uniquely and receive from our crystal bowl sounds- Turtle Spirit, Camel Spirit, Elephant Spirit. As well, Humpback whales are returning to Antarctica from giving birth in the Great Barrier Reef, breast feeding as they travel. We attune to the energy of nurturing by each mother whale passing by, with her new baby calf. Giving and receiving, receiving and giving, the gentle tide coming in and going out…
Are you drawn to join us?
Susie and Carol invite you to bring a feather, a crystal bowl if you have one (or we can bring one for you) drum , favourite dance music, instruments, a candle and an open heart.
1 Murunna St, Bermagui NSW 2546
6th - 8th December
(over 2 nights and 3 days - Friday lunchtime – Sunday lunchtime)
$545 ($200 deposit secures your place).
Balance due 22nd November, 2019.
Book early as places very limited.
Cost Includes
* Classic & charming beach cabin accommodation
* All linen – sheets & towels
* Nurturing Spirit workshop
* Gorgeous yummy food
* Invitation to Susie’s book launch/performance/afternoon tea
* All art materials
* Access to a range of crystal bowls to play
Susie Nelson-Smith – teacher, author and performer
Shares her love of humanity, the Earth, the Cosmos and the crystal singing bowls in all her teaching and life practices.
Dr Carol Birrell – artist, educator and writer
Brings her love and passion for Nature into all areas of her life; is a student of aboriginal Yuin Elder Uncle Max Harrison and incorporates Indigenous ways of knowing and creativity into all her work.
On Sunday 8TH December at 2pm you are invited to join Susie at:
River Rock Café:
Shop 2 Wapengo Street Bermagui
Where there will be a launch of her latest book
“One Heart” Affirmations
As well as a performance with crystal singing bowls by Susie Nelson-Smith and Lynne Bowman (Yoga teacher and Crystal Sound therapist in Bermagui) with readings from the book by Carol Birrell.
Followed by a delicious, delectable and scrumptious afternoon tea and the wonderful opportunity to purchase Susie’s book and newly arrived Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls on display.
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