5Rhythms Dancing
What is 5Rhythms Dancing and why use Crystal Singing bowls
Sue Andersen and my collaboration of 5Rhythms Dancing and the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls comes from a place of love and enthusiasm for 2 transformational mediums.
Most of us are desiring a life of balance, inspiration and happiness. We have both found an avenue that brings us closer to that space where its easier to feel these qualities and emotions. In sharing with you our passion and knowledge for change through dance and sound, we want to bring this to you through our collaborative endeavours. We would love you to join us in this dance of life – it’s fun, insightful and healthy.Sue and I will be offering an in-depth workshop in BALI in 2020. Please chat to us about it, register your interest below and stay tuned for more information about the  glorious experience  we are planning in one of our favourite places – BALI.
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