International Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) Certificate IV course with crystal singing bowls 2019
Avebury and Glastonbury United Kingdom
June 6 - 21
"The Path of the Heart” with crystal singing bowls is a path for the Sound Warrior. The start of a twelve month journey of discovery and revelation

For those of you who feel a calling to make a difference in themselves and the rest of the world through the pure vibration energy of Crystal Singing Bowls.

It is a heart calling because to be a Crystal Sound Therapist is to be prepared to heal yourself and look deeply within and find the authentic You - the You that is seeking truth and the willingness and courage to shine your truth out into the world magnified and amplified by the pure resonance of the crystal singing bowls.

Although this retreat is an intensive two week study and one that will provide you an intimate understanding of the concepts and techniques of Crystal Sound Therapy, you will have great fun and be enlivened by the experience.

The course will take you into the English Countryside, into people's homes and businesses and delve into the ancient mysteries and sacred sites of this unique part of the world.

It will also provide the spark and drive for you to complete your guided studies over the following 12 months as you reach your goal of becoming a fully qualified and certified practitioner in Crystal Sound Therapy.

For detailed information on this CST Certificate IV course for 2019, its costs and requirements,

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CST 2015 Awaba retreat New South Wales
CST 2013 Bali. Playing for disadvantaged children.
CST 2014 Seim Reap Cambodia. Having fun.
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Avebury and Glastonbury United KingdomJune 6 - 21