Global Crystal Bowl Collective
9th February 2020 at 6.33pm in Sydney
You are invited to join the Global Crystal Bowl Collective and play together as ONE in love and unity for the healing, regeneration and rejuvenation of Australia’s animals, the land and its people. You can play on your own at home or organise a group and join this great wave of healing love.

Dear Crystal Sound friends around the Globe

You may have seen the news about the bushfires destroying our beautiful country, Australia. The fires have been burning for weeks and in some places since last September. Over 26,000,000 (26 million) acres of land, forest and bush have burned; it is estimated over a billion animals and wildlife have died, 2,000 homes in NSW where we held the Crystal Bowl World Sound Symposium in 2018 have been destroyed and 28 people have died nationwide since the fires began.

The suffering has been intense; the fires unprecedented and so many who have experienced it firsthand have said it felt like the end of the world.

For those not in the direct way of the fires, we have experienced dangerous toxic levels of smoke inhalation. The story is a sad one and many of us are feeling overwhelmed. The fires may not have ended for this season and for sure the healing has just begun.

And so we are reaching out to our Sound Community to ask if you will join with us on the Full Moon of Aquarius on Sunday 9th February, 2020 at the peak time of 6.33pm Sydney, Australia to create a wave of gentle healing music for Australia. Other global times are listed below.

The moon is at its most potent energetically when it is full. This is why we have chosen this auspicious moment to project our spiritual good will and energies towards the healing of the planet at this time of extreme trauma.

Will you join us to play our deepest sounding crystal singing bowls for the length of time that feels right for you please? We ask that the sounds we play are gentle, soothing and loving.

Imagine the sounds are like:

•    a soft aloe vera balm healing deep physical wounds

•    a loving embrace healing jagged emotions

•    a soft and gentle breeze soothing an over stimulated mind, and

•    a beautiful bell uplifting the heart and gladdening the spirit.

The Vision:

“Calling all Crystal Bowl Sound players around the world to play together as One, to sound our deepest notes out into the world for the purpose of regeneration and rejuvenation of the Earth. With our deepest most physical sounds our Vision is to bring a gentle, soothing harmonic vibration to the very heart of Mother Earth and to the well-being of all the animals and birds, all living creatures, all the people that have suffered in the bushfires in Australia. May our healing be long and deep and from our shared experience, let Wisdom be the driving force to bring about the change we want to see and be in the world.”

“We extend this gift of transformation with all our love and blessings to others around the globe who are feeling pain and disconnection, loss and grief. May your healing be long and deep and may wisdom guide you onward knowing that you are not alone. You are loved and cherished. Wherever you are in the world remember we are One – One Heart – One Humanity.”

Please join us for this Global Crystal Bowl Collective event for Australia. We would appreciate your support so very much.

We are creating an Event on Facebook where we would love you to send a maximum 2 minute video or audio clip of your musical contribution to share with the world. We can then all enjoy and experience each other’s sound offerings. Mignon is happy to assist with uploading the music to the event and give advice on the “how to dos”. Mignon’s email:

Love and peace

Susie, Mignon and Anastasia

Susie Nelson-Smith Crystal Sound and Light Temple, Mignon Lee-Warden - Mignon Mukti, Anastasia Giovanoglou - Genesis of Health

Equivalent times around the world February 9 the Full Moon of Aquarius

Greenwich Mean Time, 07:33:09; Central European Time, 08:33:09; USA Eastern Standard Time, 02:33:09

If you would like more information or to book a place in this event, please complete the form below or you can contact Susie directly on:
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9th February 2020 at 6.33pm in Sydney